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            speak to us 01296 614448

            About Us

            Caloo Ltd are leading play and fitness equipment providers within the UK. We aim to provide you with a solution to meet your needs, whether it be a new outdoor gym, skate park, fitness area or a full playground solution with multi play units, timber trails and more. We have completed thousands of installations around the UK and have a wide product choice to suit your location and budget.


            Free Site Consultation & Quotation

            We?offer a free site consultation to assist with your product selection or site considerations. Our experienced team will be delighted to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your specific requirements and thereafter provide a FREE quotation. ?


            Design and Build service

            We?are happy to undertake all necessary works to construct your new facility. We are able to offer prices for the removal of existing equipment (if required), site preparation, installation and any necessary surfacing works to provide you with the complete solution.

            Why not have your ideas come to life with one of our play space design team? We use 3D illustrations to allow you to communicate your vision to others and 2D technical drawings. From idea to reality we are here to help you every step of the way!


            Contact the UK’s leading play and fitness equipment providers today: 01296 614 448 | info@caloo.co.uk


            New offers or bundle packages will appear here every month so please check back to get the latest deal.

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