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            Playground Equipment

            We want to make creating your very own playground a fun and exciting experience! We offer the whole package, so we can install, supply, surface a wide range of playground equipment for all ages into your outside space.

            We offer a free play space design service, so you can bring your playground to life and we work with you every step of the way to help you decide what equipment is best for your space and budget.

            From traditional items such as slides, swings and roundabouts through to large multi play units and themed play boats, we really do have it all! We have items suitable for small budgets, special educational needs and wheelchair accessible playgrounds so please contact us today to help us work with you to build the best playground in the UK.

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            See our latest case studies for details of the latest projects and what was involved.

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            • Birchwood Special School Sensory Garden

              The Client was looking to build a sensory play space within their grounds. The existing site was a grass space which was prone to water build up during heavy rain. The client was looking for a drainable surface solution alongside musical playground units and a double bay swing.

              click here the for full story
            • St Elizabeth Centre SEN Playground

              The Client indicated they were looking for a SEN playground which could be all inclusive to allow all of the children the chance to play. The playground was to have colourful safety surfacing and play units which could be used by several users at one time to encourage social play.

              click here the for full story
            • Canolfan Yr Afon Infant School

              The Client wanted to develop an infant play space within their school. They were also interested in installing a multi active games wall to encourage fitness outdoors. The school was interested in offering a range of activities from outside learning opportunities, physical play, sensory discovery and outside exercise. We pulled together a plan and design which fully met these requests within the budget specified.

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              Click here to view case studies of our playground, outdoor gym, active and surfacing projects across the UK! Click here


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