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            Tracks suitable for a Daily Mile

            We are pleased to offer the installation of tracks suitable for a Daily Mile within your outside space.? With the aim to improve the physical fitness and long term well-being of children, many schools are looking to install a track dedicated to these initiatives.

            Please click here to view our latest video showcasing a track suitable for a Daily Mile.

            We can offer the track in a wide range of surfacing options such as SUDS Bond for drainage issues, Wetpour, Artificial Grass and Acrylic Coating.? Any shape, any size to meet your space and budget.

            Mo Farah and Sadiq Khan recently visited one of our installations, click here to view the video.

            These require no equipment once installed and children can boost their concentration and activity levels by completing a couple of laps on their breaks or as part of a PE lesson. Helping to tackle childhood obesity levels in a fun and social way within the playground.


              Click here to view case studies of our playground, outdoor gym, active and surfacing projects across the UK! Click here


              Struggling to find funding for your playground or fitness area??Speak to us today or Click Here.

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