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            Bonded Rubber Mulch

            Bonded Rubber Mulch is a natural looking bonded surface often described as rubber bark. Laid in-situ, it is a durable and environmentally friendly safety surface containing 100% recycled rubber.

            The process encapsulates recycled tyre rubber in a tough PU polymer coloured with light stable pigments and, once fully cured, the pigments and coating are both non-toxic and inert.?Bonded Mulch is available in various basic colours, which can also be blended in any combination to create numerous colour alternatives.

            For information regarding fall heights please download the product sheet.



            • Key Features:

              - Porous/fast draining
            • - No dispersement or scattering
            • - Quick and easy to install
            • - Clean and hygienic/doesn’t attract animals
            • - No topping up or raking required
            • - Maintenance free
            • - Play grade material i.e. no sharp or harmful materials
            • - Complies with BS EN 1177:2008
            • - Year-round use
            • - Wheelchair friendly
            • - Continuous seamless surface
            • - Environmentally friendly



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