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            Rehabilitation / Low Impact Bundle

            We wanted to offer a suitable bundle for those seeking a low impact facility to aid those recuperating after illness or injury. We have installed this bundle in hospitals, retirement and care homes around the UK and found it to be a fantastic package to help those recovering.

            The gym features activities which encourage a coordinated use of cardio activities, along with low impact workouts such as the tai chi wheels and body rotator to introduce slow movements.

            Certified to EN16630 for users over 1.4m tall.

            Up to 25 years guarantee.


            • CW26 Back Massager

            • CW17 Body Rotator

            • CW13 Tai Chi Wheel

            • CW28 Cycle

            • CW15 Body Twist

            • CW23 Cross Rider

            • CW12 Air Walker

            • CW08 Skier


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