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            Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

            Our wet pour safety surface is ideal for creating bright, colourful and educational playground designs to stimulate imaginations, we can do simple colour patterns, play designs, shapes and even custom logos, your idea we can transform into a reality.

            Wet pour is safe in all weather conditions, the porous surface allows water to drain through which eliminates a slip risk or risk of ice in winter. The smooth continuous surface also reduces the risk of injury from a trip or fall and also makes the surface wheelchair friendly.

            Available in over 20 colours, it really is your choice for a wet pour solution. We can match your corporate colour scheme, create something fun or go for something totally eye catching and extravagant.?

            Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


            • Key Features:

              -Impact absorbing
            • -Environmentally friendly
            • -Continuous seamless surface
            • -Porous/fast draining
            • -Year round use
            • -Ideal for patterns/graphics
            • -Highly UV stable, reducing colour loss
            • -Wheelchair friendly
            • -Durable
            • -Maintenance free
            • -Tested to BS EN 1177:2018
            • -Smooth, even finish
            • -Bright colours

            COLOUR RANGE

            Azure RH23
            Beige RH30
            Black RH70
            Bright Green RH11
            Bright Red RH02
            Bright Yellow RH41
            Brown RH32
            Cream RH31
            Dark Brown RH33
            Dark Green RH12
            Dark Grey RH60
            Funky Pink RH90
            Light Blue RH22
            Light Grey RH61
            Mustard RH40
            Orange RH50
            Pale Grey RH65
            Purple RH21
            Standard Blue RH20
            Standard Green RH10
            Standard Red RH01
            Turquoise RH26

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